I'm a demigod bastard born, and abandoned on earth. Yeah, that's a mouthful.

Not long ago, I lost the one thing in my life I could never imagine living without. My daughter, Agata, was killed, and despite all of my strength, I could do nothing to protect her.

The Gods took her from me. But, I'm going to take her back; no matter the cost...
Ilias is a City Guard investigator who also happens to be a demigod, the latter of which he's managed to keep secret from just about everyone around him. One night, after learning that his daughter, Agata, had been killed, Ilias sets off on an obssessive quest to find her killer. This quest for vengeance however, quickly transforms into a suicide mission to retrieve her very soul from the depths of the Underworld. Although Ilias' newfound goal is clear to him, attempting to travel to the Underworld means he runs the risk of being caught by the very Gods from which he spent his whole life hiding. These deities would take great pleasure in toying with Ilias, or even worse, using his godly powers for their own personal gain. 
"Witnessing your daughter's death being utilized night after night as the main story for the news is nothing short of torture."
High above the clouds, and away from the issues of the average human's day to day life, lies a Pantheon of Gods who rule over earth from their domain. Seldomly do they venture down to earth, unless it is to create spectacle, or to punish the unpious, or even, to toy with human life. 

The mighty ZEUS, king of these Gods, is dead. Found decapitated at his throne chair, his killer is unknown, and The Pantheon deities, who are naturally egotistical, find themselves blaming one another for the murder, and squander over who is most fit to be heir to the throne. This has caused tension among them. They lack trust, and each God who claims to be worthy of the throne is met with accusations of being the murderer.


The keeper of the Underworld and the collector of souls. He oversees the Realm of the Dead, while Cerberus, his three headed hound, ensures that those who are dead remain in the Underworld, and those that are alive, never enter. 

Hades has openly declared war against his brother, Poseidon. The two, distracted by their desire for power, want to claim the Pantheon and the Rule over Earth as their own. They have promised to destroy anyone who would stand against them. While most of the other Gods have avoided taking sides out of fear, there are others who also desire a higher seat of power, and who might be more willing to take sides in the conflict.  
Ares, son of Zeus and God of Savage Warfare. Hot tempered, and overly eager to claim the Throne for himself, he jumped at the opportunity to attack his uncle, Poseidon, in an attempt to kill him. However, the angry God was not able to take down Poseidon, and instead, was left scarred by the Sea God's trident. He now wallows in defeat, hidden from the other Gods, and he awaits a new chance to strike once more.
Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, war strategy, courage, inspiration and much more. Favored among the Gods, and praised by many people, she is often sought out for guidance and leadership towards the path of reason. She is the daughter of Zeus, the mightiest of the Gods. Although she holds a high position in the Pantheon, she refuses to take sides in the War between Gods.


Hercules, the most famous of heroes, still lives, despite being thousands of years old. He - like Ilias - hides from the Gods, most notably Hera, who is known to torment him. She drove him mad once, to the point of having him kill his own family. He since then lives in secrecy, avoiding unwanted attention to the best of his abilities. Unfortunately, the Gods are in search for demigods to help them in their personal ventures, and not even the best kept secret can stay hidden from them. 


Medusa, who is thought to have been killed thousands of years ago by Perseus, seems to be alive and well. She is a crime lord living in secret areas of the city. She deals in all sorts of illegal ventures, and among them is valuable artifact retrieval. The objects she steals are either kept for her own collection, or sold to the highest bidder. No one has ever actually seen her in the public eye. The only evidence of her ever even existing are the petrified corpses left behind after an unfortunate encounter with the crime overlord.


The Nymphs are nature spirits who use to dwell in the deepest parts of the woods and could usually be found near streams of water. Travelers would often say they could hear the laughter and soft humming of these creatures coming deep from within the woods. Their singing was said to be able to sway even the deafest of ears.

Unbound by the rules of society, the nymphs preferred the simplicity and freedom that came with living on the far outskirts of the city. Overtime however, with the expansion of human society reaching to the far corners of the earth, many of the natural dwellings of the nymphs eventually succumbed to destruction. Forests were laid to waste and most nymphs disappeared with them. Those that remain, now live among humans, and are no longer the carefree beings they used to be...


The satyrs were simple creatures. Through their love of music, drinking, partying, and chasing after nymphs, they lived to pursue life’s most immediate pleasures. Mischievous in nature, and for the most part, quite simpleminded, they cared much more about their own entertainment than the well being of others, and could often times behave quite insidiously. Often leading travelers astray, and tricking those who would need help, their pranks could quickly turn from playful to dangerous.

As the years went on, satyrs became less numerous and started to live within the cities among humans. Their love of wine turned into an addiction of stronger substances and narcotics, and transformed the satyrs into decrepit beings..

With the disappearance of much of the greenwood they used to inhabit, the satyrs were forced into the cities. Their wayward nature made them ill-suited for a life among humans, and their desire to roister and rollick and cause all sorts of mayhem was simply too strong an impulse to ever be subdued. As alcohol became much easier to procure, the satyrs drank until they were all but numb to the effects of wine and other liquors. No longer able to satiate themselves with alcohol, they moved on to stronger substances; and for hundreds of years, they experimented with, and abused of all sorts of drugs. Eventually, this transformed them into decrepit versions of what they once were. 

Today, satyrs mostly live in small groups of which you would hardly ever see more than three or four at a time. That is, if you would ever get the unfortunate chance to witness them to begin with. They stick mostly to the shadows, hiding in alleyways and other dark corners of the city. Only ever emerging from their reclusive dwellings when on a quest for drugs, alcohol, or people to torment. 

They depend largely on a drug called 'Venom'; an injection based stimulant which causes intense euphoric feelings for its user at the price of burning its host from the inside out. Venom destroys the body, and rots the brain slowly when taken sporadically, but, can kill someone immediately if taken at too much of a large dosage in a single injection. This drug is responsible for making many satyrs almost feral in behavior. Thanks to their divine blood however, almost none die from abusing of the drug, but instead proceed to fall deeper into a dark spiral towards insanity